Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

The Thrive Project is a drop in crisis centre based in Torbay.

A crisis can be different things for different people. At The Thrive Project we do everything in our power to help those who come to us through their crisis and beyond. Here are some of the ways we are helping people to survive and thrive!

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How We Help 


Donated items go directly to clients, are sold for funds, recycled or are donated to partner organisations who will be supporting a wide range of sectors. We rely solely on donations and unpaid volunteers.

Food Parcel Referrals

We provide food parcel referrals to local food banks. There are also some very thoughtful members of the community that provide cakes and sandwiches.

Advice and Access

We offer housing and benefits advice and access to a phone and computer. The Thrive Project can be used as a c/o address which is especially useful for people who are street homeless and need to access benefits and emergency help. We work closely with all professional agencies, offering SMART recovery, access to a Youth Outreach worker, Adult Social Care and Benefits Specialist. 


We support and host commmunity activies. We hold events, such as rockpooling, re-wilding and arts and crafts to help alleviate isolation and pride ourselves on building strong positive relationships and encouraging peer support.

Who We Help

“Thrive is not just a physical place, it’s a feeling of passion and drive, a place that looks out for all and goes over and above everyday….More importantly they have become friends that I couldn’t get through each day without.”

“Thrive are an amazing organisation who go above and beyond to support anyone that needs it. Rachel is an incredible  advocate for those who are facing disadvantage no matter what their background is and is an absolute credit to the community”

    Ongoing Causes

Collecting Cricket Kit:

We are currently looking for donations of cricket equipment such as bats, helmets, pads etc.

Summer Donation Needs:

  • Drinks
  • Sun creams
  • Wet wipes
  • Water bottles
  • Squash
  • Hats/caps

Donate Now:

Help us keep the lights on! Any amount donated is appreciated.

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Who We Are


The Thrive Project became a Registered Charity on July 15th 2019, set up by Rachel Shephard and her husband Mark.

We set up The Thrive Project after seeing a need.
We are a relatively new enterprise but feel that puts us in a positive position to
evolve, learn and develop, being client led and focused.
Since its inception The Thrive Project only impacted positively, bringing a strong social conscience, being mindful of our locality at all times.
This means we have garnered proactive relationships with local people, businesses
and organisations, allowing us to tap into other resources and skills.
No negative behaviours are left unchallenged, which develops a mutual respect
between clients and volunteers.
People are “Thrivers”, part of a collective family and we find this approach leads to
peer support and better long-term engagement.
Consistency is key.
No false promises are made, no empty platitudes and no one’s situation is ever
People, no matter what their challenges, are given the space and tools to thrive at
their own pace.
We walk alongside people for however long they ask.
Our hashtag “Don’t just survive, Thrive” was conceived by a client.
Everyone is unique and the family atmosphere and ethos extends to all who visit.
We are keen to learn about needs, trauma, addiction and other local initiatives.
We have started to file anonymous case studies, offer progress mapping and begin a
mentoring training programme soon.
We have saved and improved lives.
It is a privilege.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.


44 Totnes Rd, Paignton TQ4 5DL

07787 716089